A new pond!

july10 021


Long story short, I have found another pond to take the dogs.

I still take them to the original pond, because they have a routine.

Then we go to the new pond we found when we were walking and maybe, just maybe, got lost.

The new pond…

6 beavers, 2 otters, 2 eagles with a baby eagle, 1 hawk, 2 osprey, 1 turtle, and a rat I have named Templeton. Oh, and a blue heron named Charlie!

Turns out Charlie must have followed the beaver and the otter from the other pond to this new one.

And I know it is Charlie for certain because I called out his name, and he came out of the bush AND came over closer to visit with the dogs! The people that live near the pond are in awe of my super bird powers.

The dogs are not allowed to chase nor visit with the ducks at this pond. It isn’t fair to the wildlife at the pond, and I don’t want to upset the people that live in the area.

Besides that, there has been so much happening. Some good, some not so good, bumps in the road really.

That will all be coming in the next posts….

this month.


Not as slow as I have been lately.






And now, truthbombs from Sagoyewatha (Keeper Awake), Seneca of the Haudenosaunee 1750-1830:


“Brothers, our seats were once large, and yours were small. You have now become a great people, and we have scarcely a place left to spread our blankets. You have got our country, but are not satisfied; you want to force your religion upon us.

Brother, continue to listen. You say that you are sent to instruct us how to worship the Great Spirit agreeable to his mind; and if we do not take hold of the religion which you white people teach, we shall be unhappy hereafter. You say that you are right, and we are lost. How do we know this to be true? We understand that your religion is written in a book. If it was intended for us as well as you, why has not the Great Spirit given to us — and not only to us, but to our forefathers — the knowledge of that book, with the means of understanding it rightly? We only know what you tell us about it. How shall we know when to believe, being so often deceived by the white people?

Brother, you say there is but one way to worship and serve the Great Spirit. If there is but one religion, why do you white people differ so much about it? Why not all agree, as you can all read the book?

Brother, we do not understand these things. We are told that your religion was given to your forefathers, and has been handed down from father to son. We also, have a religion which was given to our forefathers, and has been handed down to us, their children. We worship in that way. It teaches us to be thankful for all favors we receive; to love each other, and be united. We never quarrel about religion, because it is a matter which concerns each man and the Great Spirit.

Brother, we do not wish to destroy your religion or take it from you; we only want to enjoy our own.

Brother, we have been told that you have been preaching to the white people in this place. These people are our neighbors: We are acquainted with them. We will wait a little while and see what effect your preaching has upon them. If we find it does them good, makes them honest and less disposed to cheat Indians, we will consider again of what you have said.”

It is said that after giving this oratory, Sagoyewatha wanted to shake the hand of the missionary he was speaking to; he was refused, the man saying “There was no fellowship between the religion of God and the Devil.” Purportedly Sagoyewatha just smiled, and all of his followers smiled, and they walked away. Typical Haudenosaunee.


Cleaning up…



For the last two years, my mom and I have been teaching a few different aboriginal cultural art projects.

And sometimes a person gets excited, and then realize that this is WORK, and oh…”It’s so hard!”


My goal is to get the projects finished that were left behind.


These are two of them.